Psykick2D is an HTML5 game engine built with performance and usability in mind. Rendering is lightning fast with Pixi.js. Psykick2D aims to help your code be easy to work with, highly performant, and easily modified for special needs.

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Psykick2D requires a modern browser. I develop it in Chrome but have also tested in Firefox without any issues. Attempt in IE at your own risk.


All of the code and resources for the examples are in the examples folder.

Getting Started


Just install it like you would any other module:

npm install psykick2d


If you just want to drop it in your browser and go, use the pre-built version:



For more information, check out the Guides or any one of the included examples.

How to Build

Building is just a simple grunt command: grunt build


If you find any bugs, please submit them to the issue tracker.


If you like Psykick2D and would like to help I'd love to have you! Feel free to tackle any bugs in the issue tracker or jump on the mailing list and talk about what you want out of the engine, stuff that needs to be fixed, anything. My vision is to make this a game engine by developers, for developers.


Psykick2D is licensed under the MIT License.